Spiral Systems for thermic treatments


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Our spiral systems for the thermic treatments involved in the production phases of food products are technologically advanced, versatile and reliable. Spirals maximize production performance during leavening processes, cooling and freezing, optimizing space.

Minimizing space, increasing energy savings and optimizing the sanitation and maintenance processes of the machine are just some of the features of our food spirals that guarantee the development of fully automated systems.


We have an international patent for the construction of spirals with external drive which, guaranteeing low coefficients of friction and wear, allows obtaining a quality product in a highly sanitized context.

Each spiral is designed starting with the production requirements advanced by our customers and represents an extremely versatile solution, which can be used in leavening, cooling and freezing processes, and for insertion in the room. Food can be transported in bulk, packaged or in special containers.


Materials and Sliding:

The VK31 tape, tested and patented by Vimek in acetyl resin, provides various options for different types of products. The belt runs on a plastic anti-friction profile fixed on stainless steel guides.


The structure of the VK31 spiral is made of stainless steel and equipped with adjustable feet for settling any unevenness in the floor. The structure is sturdy, designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. This special type of structure has been designed to minimize space, by inserting the temperature control unit in the center of the spiral, in order to also ensure a homogeneous air flow.

This solution can be used for leavening, cooling and freezing processes.

Single-motor Drive:

The drive unit is composed of a gear motor, stainless steel shafts, steel adjustable supports and plastic gear wheels to transmit motion to the chain.


The spiral mounts a capacitive sensor on each level to prevent any problems, responding quickly to any inconvenience. In addition, if requested, a product height control sensor is installed at the entrance to the spiral.

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The drum spirals consist of a commercial conveyor belt and equipped with a cylindrical-shaped towing system called, in fact, a drum.
This solution is designed to minimize the footprint. Food can be transported in bulk, packaged or in special containers.

Sturdy and durable, our drum spirals can be used for continuous work cycles and in extreme conditions of temperature, speed and product load.



The central drum transforms the dynamic friction force generated by the belt under pressure on its external surface from dissipative to conservative force, allowing the belt to move.


The structure of the spiral is the part on which the drum is housed and on which the columns supporting the curves are fixed, which support the belt that winds around the drum itself. A sliding guide in plastic material with very high density and low coefficient of friction is fixed above the curves.

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